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With modern takes on traditional campus apparel, our clothes celebrate every shape, size and body. 

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Who, What, Wear ZooZatz?


ZooZatz was founded and built with entrepreneurial spirit, with the goal of creating fashionable women’s clothing to wear on game day or any day. We started out by making accessories and we have expanded our line into apparel to celebrate school spirit and cheer on collegiate sports fans. However, our brand has since evolved to represent more than school pride, as we now create clothes that represent a sense of confidence and empowerment for everyone, regardless of their shape or size.

ZooZatz has become a well-known brand in the college sports apparel market, and our clothes are now sold in 300+ retail locations across the United States. ZooZatz has partnerships with over 300+ colleges and universities, and our clothes are worn by fans and athletes alike.

One of the unique aspects of ZooZatz is our commitment to creating apparel that makes you feel spirited in style. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles, including plus sizes, so that everyone can feel confident and comfortable in their clothes. This has been a major factor in the brand’s success and popularity, as customers appreciate the inclusivity and diversity that ZooZatz represents.

Overall, ZooZatz has become a leading brand in the college sports apparel market, thanks to our trendy designs, commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to empowering our customers.

We will continue to be a leader in our space and redefine the boundaries of women’s collegiate apparel.

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At ZooZatz, we stand for diversity and inclusivity. Our main mission is to offer modern takes on traditional college clothing for every shape, size and body so you have gameday apparel that makes you feel as unbeatable as your favorite team. 

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